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A dynamic & award winning events venture based in Perth, Western Australia & beyond….recent recipient of The Premier’s Australia Day Active Citizens Award for our success with the Twilight Hawkers Market in the City of Perth. After 3 successful seasons the Twilight Hawkers Market has become a well-loved weekly market over the warmer months where locals & visitors meet to explore & enjoy our diverse food culture in the heart of the city. With publicity stretching as far afield as Spain, Malaysia, Indonesia & Singapore this event showcases Perth city on an international scale, adds to the vibrancy on a Friday night & brings people together from all across the globe. Being located in the central CBD in the newly refurbished Forrest Place the event is of benefit to the surrounding retail offering with business stimulated noticeably during the season. For more details go to: http://twilighthawkersmarket.com

E&B all about activating under-utilised spaces to produce fantastic events & bringing vibrancy, diversity & life into various places to benefit the existing communities & add to the food culture in Perth.

Whether it be a one-off event, a creative attraction or a weekly market, we can fill your space with sought after & successful activities. Learn more

  • Projects in public spaces are our specialty

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  • Attention to detail is our strength

Big, small, weekly, once off – it’s up to you – just let us know what you want….visit past events to see what we do or click on upcoming events for what we have in pipeline.